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Hello All, it’s Bailey! I thought I would welcome you all back and tell you a little about what I’ve been doing!

Firstly, my name is Bailey and I am now a whole two years old, yes two! That’s 14 in human years.
I’ve had a great time recently as my hooman mum and dad got married and guess what? They had this massive party just for me, to celebrate! They shouldn’t have really. But it was great!
I was a bit confused at first because Mum had spent ages packing my auntie’s car with lots of interesting things; I heard them giggle and laugh and say it was like a game of Tetris. Now, I don’t know what this ‘Tetris’ is but their game looked a lot of fun however, I had to watch from the window because apparently if I see a cat I will run after it…pff…no I wouldn’t…maybe.

My mum then left and Dad stayed home with his brother and me. In the morning we went for breakfast at a nice eatery and they even let me come in! My dad said that I would only be allowed in once if I behaved the way I normally do so I was to be on my best behaviour. I actually was but to be honest, I didn’t have many thoughts in my head other than the delicious smelling food that the guys were eating. A full English breakfast - I know, ‘cos I smelt it all morning.

After breakfast me and my dad got into the car and drove to this place that looked pretty cool to be fair; I was just sooo excited as there were lots of fields, sheep, trees, and people - all the smells! It was a dream come true. My dad put on my special red bow tie (sorry, Mum just said it was burgundy) and when the car stopped I was greeted with my very own photographer! It was the same guy that photographed me and my hoomans in the summer and he is awesome because he clearly loves me, kept calling my name and telling me what a good boy I was. I liked him because he has a dog like me so he knows what us goldens are like! Anyway, I gave him a big toothy grin as I got out the car and then I sat in the entrance to the big hall for my solo photo-shoot. I felt like a celebrity!

Not long after, a woman turned up who was my chaperone. I met her before and she gave me treats so what’s not to love? I showed her all the different parts of the hall and we had a great time. Before I knew it, one of my mum’s bridesmaids came to get me and we went on an adventure up lots of stairs and into a room where my mum was! She was all giddy and happy to see me and I was happy to see her because it had been a whole night since I last saw her. We had a big cuddle and then my photographer wanted to take more photos of me! I said my mum could have a few with me too.
When Mum and Dad went to the church, I hung out with my chaperone. She was really nice and talked to me a lot but most of all, I liked the treats she gave me. She also said I had to stay clean as I’d only just had a bath and was told I smelled too nice (I mean, I had to take her word on this because I wasn’t so sure).

You’ll never guess what happened next! People started arriving at the hall to see me! They were dressed up all nice for the occasion so I did my best to keep all four paws on the floor but I was so excited to see Mum and Dad walk through the entrance! Everyone was cheering for me when that happened - they were excited too! My dad then took hold of my lead and we walked back out and people were throwing strange little bits of paper, would have been better if they were little treats, but I still found it interesting as the tiny little bits of paper fell all around me and on my nose!

After this, I was able to meet and greet all my guests, I was very happy they had come and told them all with my energetic tail wag. We had some more photos in the ‘Orangery’ room but I thought they had said the 'orange tree' room so I was tad disappointed when there was no tree. My old buddy Uncle Chester was there and we had great fun. He was being really funny and sat the wrong way for photos - that one does like to joke (and then blame it on old age but shh, don’t tell him I said that!).

Now at this point, I was beginning to feel a little bit tired so my chaperone took me to where I was staying for the night. My dad’s parents have two dogs called Alfie and Molly. Molly is a collie-cross (but I call her Zoom because she zooms EVERYWHERE) and Alfie is a German Shepard cross poodle. He’s huge and fluffy but harmless and Molly is the boss. Well, all of us three were staying at a kennel near where my dad’s parents live. I had gone with my parents before for a play on the massive field and really enjoyed myself so this time I got to stay! I even stayed overnight in the lady’s house! Got my own bed and everything. It was great fun having a sleepover with Molly and Alfie!

The next day I was picked up by my hooman grandparents (that’s my mum’s parents to you) and I got to stay with them for a whole week! My hoomans had gone on some sort of ‘mini-moon’ or something (I’d like to go to the moon someday too!) but it meant I got to spend a week with Uncle Chester! My hooman grandmum took me on lots of walks and told me I was behaving very well - she can be very strict and will take me back home if I misbehave so I promised I would be on good behaviour. She got in lots of steps that week as she can’t take me and Uncle Chester out together because he is the slowest slow coach there is! My mum and grandmum say that he likes to sniff EVERY blade of grass and they are NOT kidding. I walk fast though so my grandmum gots in lots of exercise with me!

Well, it was an exhausting week but eventually my hooman parents came back from their moon trip and we went home together. Boy was I happy to see them again!

Thank you for reading all about my special day and my holibobs!

Paws out!

<![CDATA[My Very First Christmas...]]>Mon, 02 Jan 2017 00:00:00 GMThttp://rhianedwardsauthor.com/baileys-page/my-very-first-christmasI thought I would share with you my Christmassy adventures! First of all, I have never had a Christmas so I was quite excited, like, who knew humans like to bring trees inside during December!? When my humans were putting up our tree, I couldn’t stay away. To begin with my dad disappeared into a square hole upstairs, I wasn’t sure where it led to but I made sure to stand guard under it because I didn’t know if scary monsters would get him or something like that. My mum stayed with me but she kept shouting at my dad telling him where to find things. I wasn’t sure what they was on about because I speak mostly dog but when my dad came out of the hole he brought lots of boxes and bags with him. They smelt soooo funny that I had to get my nose in there – I’m not sure it best pleased my humans but what did they expect? 

I followed them around the house as they put up sparkly things; at one point I thought my mum was going crazy because she normally puts this thing round her neck to keep her warm outside but this time she had a sparkly one that made rustling noises when I tried to eat it. She told me off and then instead of putting it around her neck, she hung it up! And they call me weird.

However, the biggest excitement was the tree! It looked like a tree but it didn’t smell like a tree and this one came out of a box that my mum and dad put together. I was so engrossed with smelling it that I didn’t even see all the toys they put on the tree! There were mini balls, ribbons, more of those sparkly things that normally go around my mum’s neck; boy was it like a toy store! They even put cones on, like cones from the garden but they weren’t so happy when I tried to help clean up – honest, I thought they made a mistake, silly me.

The fun festivities didn’t stop with our inside tree. All through December people would come round, they put boxes under the tree but apparently they weren’t for me (yeah right, who doesn’t put boxes on the floor unless it’s for a dog to chew up) and mum made lots of delicious goodies. I can vouch for her cooking, I ate plenty of it, I had to spend a bit of time in bed and I got shouted at but again, why leave food on the counter where I can reach it? Did she not want it testing?

Towards the end of December, both my mum and dad didn’t go out in the morning to what they call ‘work’ so we had lots of lovely cuddles and trips to see people; it was exciting all the time! By the night time I would be so tired that I could barely make it to my own bed (instead I followed mum and dad up to theirs and because it was Christmas they let me – or so they told me, really, it’s because I’m an awesome dog).

Then, one morning, my mum comes downstairs extra early for extra cuddles, she looked so excited that I was too. As it turned out, some of the boxes under the inside not-tree-tree were for me!! I got a stuffed toy which was comfy to lay my head on, some tasty treats and a ball that made really weird noises at me! My auntie got me a blanket that had my name it too. I got lots of nice things but my favourite was a GIANT bone! Oh, my. It was delicious, I started on it right away and was quite disappointed when it was taken away from me but then they took me outside and guess what? We went in the car!

We went to my mum’s old house so I got to play with my uncle Chester (he’s a Chocolate Labrador)! They also had an inside tree with boxes under it and guess what? Some of them were for me too!! Me and Chester had a great time playing together (I had to be careful though because Chester is an old boy so sometimes my mum has to remind me to be gentle), we shared all our toys and we had a quick nap (I tell you, all this excitement is tiring!).

After we had spent some time playing, we went in the car again and this time we went to my dad’s old house where I got to play with two more doggies! Alfie and Molly are a lot younger than Uncle Chester so I’m allowed to run around with them outside, they have a really long garden which is perfect for racing against Molly (she is really quick but don’t tell her I said so). A lot of people turned up with more treats for me and my mum said something about watching my waistline but I was crunching too loudly on biscuits to hear her.

Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, they started cooking lots of food! All the humans sat around the table and ate all the delicious smelling food. I gave the best ‘sad’ face I could because I’ve been practising lots, and all of us dogs got given a bone to eat! I was so engrossed in my bone that I didn’t see everyone finish their human food. My dad wanted to take the bone off me because apparently I had been eating it for a long time but I was just so happy with it that when he took it off me I got ‘hangry’ (I’ve heard my mum talk about this, it’s when you are hungry so you get angry). I may have not heard him ask me several times to leave it and I may have accidentally gone to get it back but I caught his finger with my tooth. I was so upset with myself that I cried all the way home because mum and dad were angry with me. They spoke about consequences to my actions as they put me to bed and then went out again. I was really sorry that the whole evening, when they came home I was trying to give cuddles. They forgave me I think because they played with me all night. My dad was ok, it was ‘just a scratch’ he said, but I still haven’t gone to grab a toy or bone out of their hands since just to be safe.

Well, after that, I got to spend lots of time with my mum and dad going on walks. Then one evening they was up really, really late and lots of loud bangs went off outside. I kept looking at mum and dad to see what they were but they seemed ok, so I tried to ignore all the sounds (I did tell one bang off for being so loud, I got a biscuit for it too so I must have been a good boy).
I only had a few more days before my parents went back to what they say is ‘work’, but to be honest I was so tired that I was glad to have some time to sleep!!!

I can’t wait till next Christmas! Apparently, I have to wait a whole year!!!

Paws out!!
<![CDATA[Mischief Mayhem...]]>Fri, 21 Oct 2016 00:00:00 GMThttp://rhianedwardsauthor.com/baileys-page/mischief-mayhemPictureOoops, me and Sullie got muddy again!
Hey there! By now you might know that I’m a bit of a trouble maker, I proved this when I went to my Auntie’s house to see my brother during my mum’s half term.
My dad had been away with work for a few days so I decided that I would keep annoying my mum. I have what my mum calls a ‘mud pit’ in the garden that I like to dig in, sit in, and walk all over so that my paws are muddy (and then I run through the house because I’m excited). I think I may have done this too many times because she got really angry with me and put me in my bed and then I heard her call my Auntie and ask if she could come round with me – I think I was about to be a dead doggy so I’m glad my Auntie said yes.
 In the car I was so happy and couldn’t wait to see Sullie, I told my mum this and spoke to her the whoooole way there, then when I got out the car I tried to run to the door but my mum kept walking me back to the car until I could walk sensibly. I tried to keep my excitement under control because I wanted to see Sullie!
My Auntie opened the door and then let me out the back so I could chase my brother – we had such a good time play fighting and chasing each other and then we went under the decking which kinda scared our mums so we came out from there.
My Auntie and mum went inside to eat and talk (or whatever dog mums do) so my uncle was supposed to watch us. Well, there’s this apple tree in the garden and because it’s nearly winter there were some old nasty ones on the floor but me and Sullie didn’t realise and so we played all over them; when our mums came out to check on us we were covered in muck and ‘ewwy’ stuff as my mum said. We then had to have wet wipe baths – so embarrassing!

That’s all for now, paws out!


<![CDATA[Oh Brother...]]>Fri, 10 Jun 2016 00:00:00 GMThttp://rhianedwardsauthor.com/baileys-page/oh-brotherPictureI'm on the left and Sullie is on the right!
You probably didn’t know this but I have a brother! His name is Sullie and he lives with my Auntie; we are the best of friends. Our Mum’s aren’t fans of us though because we get up to so much mischief. The first time we met after leaving the place where we were born I was so excited because I could remember him, he was the playmate in our litter. My Auntie found me funny straight away because when she went to go visit my brother Sullie, she said that we were already playing with each other!

When my Mum and Auntie bring us together, we immediately start playing, it’s great because I don’t have to be as careful as with my human family. We’ll roll around on the floor (because it’s funny when our Mums tell us off for being muddy), he’s bigger than me so he always pins me to the ground but I’ll then bite his leg so he’ll fall over but then he’ll bite my ear and then pull me but then I’ll grab his tail. So much fun! Our Mums will then try to calm us down and bring us inside but we’ll just run around all the furniture, I think because we’re a bit taller now we knock loads of things over but I don’t care, my buddy Sullie is here! Sometimes we fall over when we run because we’re going so fast, my Mum says that we are like elastical bands – I’m not sure what that means but it’s still funny when one of us face plants the floor! Mum keeps trying to get a photo of us doing it but we’re quick as lightning! All this fun means that sometimes we just stop and fall asleep, the next thing I’ll be remembering is my Dad putting me to bed – that’s how tired we get!

I have loads of fun stories about my brother that I’ll share but Mum is about to give me a bone so I'll have to tell you later!
Paws out!
From Bailey

<![CDATA[My First Day...]]>Fri, 13 May 2016 00:00:00 GMThttp://rhianedwardsauthor.com/baileys-page/my-first-dayPicture

Today was the day I arrived at my new home with my new Mum and Dad. I was only 8 weeks old so everything was so brand new and exciting! When my humans came to pick me up I was wearing an electric blue bow tie which my Mum said made me look pretty (I think she meant handsome), and my Dad started teaching me ‘sit’ straight away – I’m very good at that one.
After they had got me in the car my mum couldn’t stop taking pictures of me but I wanted to look out the window, everything went so fast! I loved it! Apparently my parents were proud of me because I made it all the way to the vets before I did a little wee but it had been a very long car journey!
At the vets I think I smelled every smell there was and there were doggies like me, I didn’t know the world was so big. The nice vet man stroked me and said I was very healthy and that someday I might be as big as 35kg! Luckily both my human parents have had big doggies before so they weren’t scared away, I was sooo relieved. You’ll never guess what happened then – the vet man stuck a sharp needle in my neck to ‘help protect me’ he said, well, if I hadn’t have had that delicious biscuit afterwards, he may not have stayed my friend.
So on I went to my home. The first time I tiptoed in I was nervous but I bounded straight through the house, I felt safe and loved it there and there were so many new smells; I couldn’t believe how many smells there were! I became so exhausted after discovering all these new aromas, and with the long car journey (Mum says it was only 30 minutes) that I flopped down on my blankie and fell asleep! My Dad had to carefully lift me up and carry me to my bed in my crate. Oh, you should see my crate! It is my Mum’s family dog’s crate and he is a big Labrador so it was HUGE! It was like a mansion, I had a bed and a blanket and a soft rug and a water bowl but I liked squishing in between the bed and the side of the crate. It was comfy.
Well, that was the day I arrived at my forever home and what a day it was. I hope you enjoyed my first story!

Paws out!
From Bailey