Hey, this is me, Rhian!

I’ve been writing for what feels like forever but I started getting serious about publishing and making this my career by the time the Sould Bound series came out.

Growing up, books were my lifeline and got me through some pretty tough times. To be honest, not much has changed! I’ve always enjoyed supernatural elements, anything romance, and of course a happy ending. There is nothing quite like the sense of calm and fullness that diving into other worlds brings.

It may sound weird, although perhaps not to you if you’re here, but I find the real world somewhat ‘lacking’ at times. I cannot imagine a world where I can’t read or write – it would be mega grey. Books bring me colour, escapism, and let me live a hundred thousand different lives.

I live with my husband, two amazing little whirlwinds, and our gorgeous golden retriever. Life is full of chaos, snacks, and fur.