Author Services

As an author myself, I know how expensive things can get and I always try to reduce and budget my costs where possible (for some, this may be extreme budgeting!) One of the ways I’ve done this is with using a mix of volunteer and paid beta reading in place of developmental edits.

I love to help others succeed and so last year, started offering beta critiques.

What skills can I offer?

I am an author too, so I have first hand knowledge at how hard this line of work can be!

I have nearly a decade of educational experience, with most of those actually teaching. Giving feedback is my jam! It was always one of my strengths as a teacher – I tailor everything to you as an individual and your writing.

My degree is in Psychology. I can’t even begin to express how helpful this has been in understanding character motivations!

What do I get in a beta critique?

This absolutely depends on what you want as an author; I have done everything from first looks/big picture reads, to later more nit-picky reads!

I will comment throughout the manuscript using the comment function (preferably word but I’ve also done google docs so authors can see as I add). At the end, I write up a summary report for you.

There are a variety of things I comment on throughout the manuscript and wholly depend on what the author needs. Throughout, I’ll also make a note of questions going through my head as a reader so you can see what might cause problems later…and more. This is by no means an exhaustive list!

I will also comment when things are working well! Not only does this give you a boost (and I only ever want to build you up!) but you know what to keep on doing!

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask, I will happily answer those in a document too!

I’ve had authors ask me to ‘rip it to shreds’ which I’m more than happy to do too! If you’re more nervous, let me know and I’ll tailor my discussions for that. Some authors need me to add more positive comments throughout. But please note, I will never be rude or horrible, but I will be honest. We all start somewhere. I’ve been told I’m quite humorous so if that’s something you’re looking for, I’m your girl! I truly want to build you up and support you in making the best book you can.

What books do you critique/beta?

Ok, here’s the main thing you need to know: ROMANCE. I am so sorry, but I will get bored without one in there and don’t know enough reader conventions to offer advice outside of this.

I’ve read all manor of contemporary romance: mafia, dark, bully, sweet small-town, etc.

I also read and love anything magical, supernatural, fantasy etc.

I am a-ok with lots of spice, but also enjoy no spice reads!

Monster romances are good too but nothing too out there. I’ll only be wondering about…logistics…rather than plot. (I was once in group where we spent an inordinate amount of time discussing a human and centaur relationship – there were diagrams and everything).

MF relationships are my usual but I’ve read MM and I’ve recently done a throuple (MMF)! I do struggle with reverse hareem but please come and chat about your project to see if we’d be a fit!

That’s all good, but how much?

Firstly, I’m happy to discuss whatever needs you may have! But here are some basic rates and figures below:

Please come and chat with me over on Instagram, or via the contact form here so we can discuss your project! There is absolutely no pressure to use my services if you find we’re not suited!

N.B. Please bear with me while I figure out how to add a contact form! For now, my socials are below where I’ll be happy to chat!

What my Authors have said

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Rhian. Her feedback is professional, detailed, thoughtful, honest, and fair—and her humorous in-line comments always make me giggle. Her skill-set really is worth its weight in gold, allowing me to take my stories to the next level. She is now one of my go-to betas. High recommended!


Rhian provided an incredible beta-reading service for my debut novel. I found her in-document commentary helpful and entertaining… I was NOT expecting to laugh while reading her feedback but it certainly helped put me at ease. Her report and comments were insightful and encouraging and I know my book is better as a result of her feedback. I would happily use Rhian’s beta reading services again and can wholeheartedly recommend her to other authors. Thank you Rhian!


I had the absolute pleasure of working with Rhian on my manuscript. She was incredibly professional with delivery and the detail she provided both in the report and the manuscript itself was insightful, and gave me lots to think about, picking up on questions that I wouldn’t have thought about and helpful suggestions. With this manuscript being my debut I was incredibly nervous about sharing my work with others, but Rhian put me at ease and is someone I would trust with my work again. I highly recommend her services and I look forward to working with her again on future projects.


Rhian has beta read every single one of my drafts since I started writing. Her comments are always helpful, insightful, and they push me to make my stories more. She makes me think and improve my writing, both in terms of the quality of the story she is currently reading, but also in the quality of my writing in general. She is always one of the first people I contact when I need something to be read, because I trust her to be honest but also supportive and genuinely caring about me and my work.