Book 1: OUT NOW!

She is born to rule a kingdom. He is competing to be in her elite royal guard. Together, their love becomes treason. 

Nineteen-year-old Rayleigh Kalastone may be heir to the Balmore throne, but her controlling and secretive mother has done nothing except treat Rayleigh with icy disdain. So, when the guard trials start to find Rayleigh four lifelong protectors, she sneaks out of the palace to spy on the contestants. She never expected to meet Wren Netero, a talented warrior entering the trials. He’s lethal, sinfully gorgeous, and forbidden.  

But as the trials progress, dark druids continue their relentless assault on the kingdom’s borders before launching a vicious and bloody attack on the palace. One thing is certain: they didn’t get in without help.  

Drawn into a world of deceit, questioning loyalties, and an enemy growing in power, Rayleigh must learn who to trust, who to love, and who to destroy before Balmore falls to ruination.  

The Guard trials are only the beginning.

Reign of Blood and Shadows is the first in a new adult fantasy romance with some spice that will increase as this series goes on. For this reason, Reign of Blood and Shadows is recommended for audiences 18+