The SOUL BOUND series books 1-3, follows Blake and Kayla’s journey as two unlikely allies fight to stop all out war between the supernatural races.  


0.5 prequel

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This isn’t just a prequel story to fill in the gaps, this is an emotional and gut-wrenching tale of two brothers giving the ultimate sacrifice to protect a young shifter heir.

‘The Alliance’ can be read before OR after the main series and includes the first two chapters of Book 1, Ascending in Chaos


Book 1

A girl with chaotic magic.
A shifter who can stop the bloodshed.
A bond that can unite them or destroy them all.  

Seventeen-year-old magic user Kayla Mitchell holds the knowledge to stop decades of violence: find the hidden shifter who can unify the races.  

As her search goes from bad to worse, Kayla becomes drawn to Blake Collins, a guy clueless to the paranormal world. But when her deadly past catches up with her, their lives ascend into chaos and Blake’s family is abducted.  

Go on the run. Rescue his family. Don’t get killed.  

The problem? Kayla uncovers a secret about the shifter she’s searching for and must protect him at all costs, even if it means sacrificing the family she is trying to save.


Book 2

What if the Alliance was never about freedom?

Kayla struggles to control her magic as it gets more unpredictable by the day and the only person she trusts with this knowledge is Blake, the boy she ran away with six months ago. While Blake’s wolf would happily tear apart anything that dare come near her, the thought terrifies him in more ways than one.

Needing magical help before Kayla loses her life trying to contain her power, and being chased by magic users who want it, the pair know their luck is running out. But by trying to save Kayla, they find themselves in the middle of a dangerous ploy for control where magic isn’t the only threat.

When a new secret comes to light about Blake’s role in the shifter world, Kayla knows her place in Blake’s life will only cause heartache and threaten any sort of Alliance between their races. Fighting for the truth has led them to make a choice: their hearts or their freedom.


Book 3

Blake must face his inner Alpha.

Kayla must accept her power.

Together, they must stand against the one who wishes to destroy them.

As time runs out, Blake and Kayla go head-to-head with a new evil emerging from the shadows, one who has unknowingly been controlling their journey, leading them to this very moment.

It’s now or never for the Alliance but, for their people to survive, Blake and Kayla face a decision that could change the course of their lives forever.